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Isaia Huron

When I first heard this talented singer I immediately fell in love with his voice and his vibe. Last year he released the song Self and I was playing it on repeat over and over. Meet Isaia Huron from Chicago whose brand of alternative R&B is captivating audiences.

He grew up playing drums in church and decided in 2018 to move from home.

He wanted to pursue his music career and since he was the drummer for a local band he made the move from his hometown of Gainsville, SC to Nashville, TN. He has been releasing songs on Soundcloud for many years and you just fall in love with all his singles. After playing drums for

bands in the south for several years he noticed he loved to sing and therefore pursued his singing career. Early last year he released his debut titled, Three, which contained three songs. He also released an EP of songs about love called, Libbie, trust me you will fall in love with this record.

Last August he released his latest EP, Bound, and the single Fallen which is beautiful with minimal instrumentation and his voice at the forefront. In December of last year, he released his latest single, One in a Million a remake of Aaliyah's song. I look forward to more great music from this up-and-coming singer-songwriter/producer. Check out Isaia Huron and support independent music and musicians. Happy listening!

One In a Million



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