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France is putting itself on the map once again with the explosion of artists that are mixing hip-hop with electronica, bossa nova, and more. French singer-songwriter, rapper, Ichon has been making moves for quite some time. He has collaborated with several French rappers from Hamsa and Myth Syzer to fashion designers and visual artists. He decided it was time to fully concentrate on his journey to feel passion again.

Ichon, real name Yann Wilfred-Bella Ola released his mixtape in 2017 causing a buzz around Europe. His music not only captivated audiences but also the visual side of his work. Born in Montreuil, this French Cameroonian singer-songwriter, rapper is one to watch. He released his debut album, Pour De Vrai last year but cannot be boxed into the category of just rap. The album also has R&B soulful ballads and some retro-funk. Check out this super talented singer-songwriter, rapper and support independent music and musicians worldwide. Happy listening!




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