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Holly Humberstone

In keeping with the British invasion as it were, this British singer-songwriter from Grantham, England has risen to popularity because of her association with singer Lewis Capaldi. At the tender age of 20, she has been writing and performing for quite some time. As a matter of fact, she is still in school and studying at Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts. She released 3 singles last year in preparation for her debut EP, Falling Asleep At The Wheel. The EP was released in January of this year and has been creating a serious buzz. She says she grew up with parents that are music-obsessed and her three sisters all share her love of literature, art, fashion, and music. She has been gaining inspiration from such artists as Lorde and Bon Iver. Her music and songwriting show a maturity beyond her years. Her musical influences are Ben Howard, Phoebe Bridgers, and HAIM. The intensity of her words are situations that many of us have experienced in our lives. She recorded her EP at her parent's very old English home where the surroundings were familiar and she could really get into the depth of her songs.

Holly Humberstone describes her music as "dark, wonky pop. During this pandemic, one of her sisters filmed the video for her song, Overkill which was shot in the forest at dusk. Check out this talented singer-songwriter and support independent music worldwide. Happy listening!

Falling Asleep At The Wheel



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