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Hania Rani

Searching for new artists is a passion that is the air I breathe. This indie classical pianist has an interesting forte. Hania Rani from Gdansk, Poland is a composer, pianist, and singer. Although she is classically trained and studied music at the Music School Feliks Nowowiejski in Poland she is not above composing electronic music. She has been playing and composing for the past twenty years and says music is her passion.

Hania Rani grew up with music playing in her home. Her parents are not musicians but they appreciate art and music and it's why she enjoys music today. She is the rare artist who says that practicing her piano as a child was fun for her, something most kids will say it's not. As a classical artist, her training was strict and difficult, that genre does not deviate much from its form. Normally in classical music, you are interpreting someone else's music but she found a way to stretch her limits. A good friend of hers asked if she would rearrange the music of one of Poland's famous rock stars. She jumped at the chance and loved the freedom it gave her in composing. She performed it at a festival and they were asked to play it for a Polish radio show live in the studio. Since then she has moved to Berlin to study for her master's degree and in that city, she decided not to play traditional classical music and instead experiment and create her own. She has never looked back since and we are all better for it. She made her debut in 2019 with her album, Esja which won her rave reviews. Its title track is just beautiful to listen to, it's an experience in the sound of the piano. Last year she released her second album, Home and last week released her new album, Music For Film and Theatre. The album is more electronic compositions and modern classical piano pieces. Check out the song, Prayer with its soaring sounds and somber piano notes. You won't regret it. Support this talented independent pianist and composer and music worldwide. Happy listening!

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