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Hang Massive

Hang Massive’s name is likely inspired, in part, by the key percussion instrument used by the duo, a hang. The convex-shaped hang is similar to a steel pan with the sound created by vibration.

Swedish musician Markus Johansson met Englishman Danny Cudd in India, and with musicial sensibilities aligned, they formed Hang Massive. Gaining attention for their expert use of this idiophone, the group released an original song in 2011 called “Once Agaim” on YouTube. The video was extremely popular, surpassing 30 million views this year. With two live recordings under its belt, the duo issued its first studio album in 2018, entitled Luminous Emptiness. Creating music which is enthralling and beautiful, it will be fascinating to see where this aural journey takes both the group and its followers.

The Secret Kissing of the Sun and Moon



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