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Half-alive is a indie pop group from California that play jaunty pop numbers accompanied by lively, choreographed videos. Formed in 2016 in Long Beach, singer/songwriter Josh Taylor, formerly of the Moderates, and drummer Brett Kramer are joined by J. Tyler Ross on bass.

Working with Grammy-nominated producer James Krause (Beyonce, Nick Jonas) on the single “Feel Alive,” which, according to Taylor, was never supposed to be a 70s-inspired, electro-halftime-chorus jam...“ With choreography by ja_collective, the video is quite memorable.

The band’s three track EP followed, with Krause again behind the scenes, and was released in May 2018. The group tours around the states with occasional forays across the pond. It will be interesting to see what the boys will do next with both their music and dance moves.

Still Feel



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