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Greentea Peng

Born in South London, U.K. Greentea Peng,(Aria Wells), grew up listening to the music of the 90's by such artists as Erykah Badu, Lauryn Hill and others. She started singing from a young age but stopped at age 15. She didn't start singing again until her twenties because of personal reasons. Her music is a mix of Soul, RnB and HipHop. In 2018 her debut EP, Sensi was a mix of several music genres including dub reggae. She was asked recently why the name Greentea Peng and her response was a simple one, she just loves green tea and her favorite color is green. In October of 2019 she was featured as part of Addidas promotional campaign for upcoming artists. She has been listed as an artist to watch for 2020.... I think you will agree once you check her out. Support Independent music and musicians worldwide. Happy Listening!

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