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Ghost Funk Orchestra

The brainchild of guitarist Seth Applebaum, Ghost Funk Orchestra is a soulful garage band with heavy psychedelic overtones and dreamy vocals. If you’re a fan of any of those genres, this group is worth a listen. If you happen to love all three, this band is essential.

It all began in 2014 with Appelbaum experimenting in his basement with genre-bending sounds and instruments with a range of effects from reverb to distortion. He released some music but wanted to bring in more players. Eventually, the project grew to a 10-piece collective by 2017.

The orchestra has released several single and its debut, A Song for Paul was released earlier this year. The latest incarnation of the group is founder/guitarist Seth Applebaum; vocalists Laura Gwynn, Megan Mancini: and Romi Hanoch (also handling tambourine duties); the horn section of Stephen Chen (baritone sax), James Kelly (trombone) and Rich Seibert: (trumpet); guitarist Joshua Park, bassist Julian Applebaum; and drummer Kyle Beach.

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