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Ghetto Kumbe

Ghetto Kumbe from Colombia had a project in mind when they got together 2 years ago. Band members, Carlos Puella (aka El Chongo), and Andres Mercado who are percussionists were curious about West African beats and decided to unite those sounds with Electronica. They have been mixing beats for years having been part of other bands such as internationally known group, Sidestepper. El Chongo plays the Colombian Alegre drum and African djembe and Andres Mercado plays the dundun, a West African drum. Their weaving of hypnotic drum harmonics while mixing electronic beats and samples is a marriage of rhythms that you just can't sit still to listen, you must get up and dance, Ghetto Kumbe has released two previous EP's and this year will release their 1st full album. Their wish is to tour internationally and bring their futuristic psychedelic African tribe beats to the world. Check out this Colombian Afro-Caribbean band and support independent music worldwide. Happy listening!

Vamo A Dale Duro



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