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Freya Ridings

When I first heard this singer's songs I thought at first it was a new song by Florence Welsh from Florence and the Machine. Upon further investigation, it is the beautiful voice of singer-songwriter, Freya Ridings. She has the music industry buzzing about her music.

Freya Ridings who hails from England grew up in a creative household. Her father, Richard

Ridings has been an actor and featured in such films as The Brothers Grimm and Rise of the Planet of the Apes. The creative bug is in her blood and at 16 attended the prestigious BRIT School for Performing Arts and Technology. Both Amy Winehouse and Adele attended this school. In 2017 she released her first single, Lost Without You, and sent her star skyrocketing to the stratosphere. When you listen to her sing you can hear both the power and emotion in her voice and her piano skills are impeccable. At first, she wasn't going to release Lost Without You but it's a good thing she changed her mind because it has changed everything for her. Her debut EP in 2019, You Mean the World To Me set the music industry on fire. She has been at the top of the charts in the U.K. If you listen to her song Unconditional you can hear the beautiful pitch, cadence, and control she has of her voice. She will release her self-titled debut album on July 19th and now that things are open again we can't wait for her tour. Check out this super talented singer-songwriter and support independent music and musicians worldwide. Happy Listening!

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