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Folly Group

London-based band, Folly Group has survived a very rough 2 years. Like many artists, during the pandemic, they found ways to continue to be creative and bring their music to the masses in a different way. The Folly Group who love playing with foolishness don't like the word band and don't really like the typical indie band lineups either.

Band members, Sean Harper, Louis Milburn, and Tom Dougherty were always playing the local scene and later added percussionist, Kai Akinde-Hummel to their fold. The band's music is a mix of

post-punk with an electronic dance feel. They caught my attention with their song, Butt No Rifle

in 2021 with its cool guitar sound and constant changes. I love this band and their debut last year with the EP, Awake And Hungry caught the attention of many in the music industry. Several of their songs are rhythmic grooves that are infectious. The band doesn't like being lumped into the category of post-punk since they are more in touch with their dance electronic side. They also don't really like to be put into any one specific category since they are influenced by many different genres. Since their debut last year they have been playing at some of the clubs to enthusiastic fans. They have been busy recording and the culmination of that is their soon-to-be-released EP, Human and Kind which will be out on March 25th. We can't wait for them to tour and we hope they come to New York City for some date as well as the rest of the U.S. Check out this fun talented band and support independent music and musicians worldwide. Happy listening!

I Raise You (The Price of Your Head)



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