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Faye Webster

The first time I heard this singer I was floored. I'm not easily impressed by too many singers but this one had me stop what I was doing. Indie alternative Americana/alternative country singer-songwriter, Faye Webster is a great storyteller. When I first heard her single, Better Distractions she caught my attention with her lyrics and the feeling in her vocals.

This Atlanta, Georgia-born singer-songwriter was born with music in her DNA. Her grandfather was a blue-grass guitarist from Texas and her mom was also a guitarist and fiddler. Her brother has played in bands since high school so she was destined for the music business. At age 14 she started writing music and her first band with some friends performed rap songs. At 16 at the suggestion of her dad, she released her debut album, Run and Tell. Other than being a singer-songwriter she is also a photographer and has had her photos of local rap musicians published in Rolling Stone magazine, Billboard, and more. Many people don't know this but her song, Better Distractions was actually President Obama's favorite song of the year. She has released several albums and EPs and last year released a live album recorded at the famous recording studio, Electric Lady here in NYC. This past April she released her new single, Car Therapy with beautiful orchestration. Check out this super-talented singer-songwriter and support independent music and musicians. Happy listening!

Car Therapy



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