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Fana Hues

Singer-songwriter Fana Hues is a rising star on the R&B indie scene. She feels so blessed to finally be recognized because it was scary for her at one time. This Pasadena-born artist has been singing since she was two years old. Music is in her soul and she was born to parents who are both creative people. Her dad is a musician and singer-songwriter and her mother is a dancer. She says her musical journey began at an early age when she was playing with her family's band around town. Fana Hues is one of 9 children and they all play instruments. They would play many of the high school events or at African markets. She says she grew up listening to Erykah Badu, NeoSoul, Destiny's Child, Beenie Man and so many more.

At 25 this singer-songwriter knows what she wants to do. She is a creative soul who sees herself directing short films or her own videos. She would also like to open a performing arts school in the not too distant future. We definitely need more schools dedicated to the arts. She made her debut in 2020 with her project as she likes to call it titled Hues with songs about relationships and things she has experienced in her life. When she was younger she had a scary experience when she lost her voice. Several illnesses would make her lose her voice, but these days she has worked on her vocals enough that it's not a problem. Her first single oddly enough titled Notice Me did get her quite a bit of attention. Last year she released the single, Pieces, and in a recent interview said she likes to write her music in analog. We are definitely digging the old-school way of doing things and love the new single, Bad Bad but I especially love the song Wild Horses, and no not the Rolling Stones version but her own song. Fana Hues is taking R&B and reshaping its sound and dynamic and creating her own signature sound. She is on tour with soul singer, Raveena Aurora be sure to check out her new album, Hues. Support independent music and musicians. Happy listening!

Wild Horses



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