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False Heads

If Iggy Pop says a band is going places, people should stop what they're doing and take notice. False Heads is that band, providing a much needed shot in the arm for real rock and roll. This trio of rockers hails from East London, and their songs are punchy, punky, and rumble around in the brain long after the last note fades.

Like many English bands, these gents met at school. Luke Griffiths (guitar and vocals), Jake Elliott (bass) and Barney Nash (drums and vocals) formally started the group in 2015. At a gig that year in Camden, a member of the audience caught their show and found it quite compelling. That person was Danny Fields, the former manager of legendary punk icons, the Ramones. Fields helped the trio navigate through the minefields of the music business, offering tutelage and encouragement, not to mention heralding the band as "the future of Rock and Roll.”

False Heads went on to release a few singles in 2016 and performed at the Roundhouse, celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the Ramones concert at the venue. As the band’s career continued to gather momentum, more recordings were sure to follow. In 2017 came Gutter Press. Critical acclaim materialized from many corners. Music Matters described the music as “a raucous mix of gritty riffs, heavy hitting drums and repetitive lyrics that will have you coming back ‘again and again’.” Earlier this year, False Heads released the single “Retina” to more praise. Vulture Hound recently named it the “Track of the Day,” hailing the tune as combining “quite possibly the catchiest bass line of all time with the fuzzy punk rock sounds of the 70s and 80s, and the result is something pretty amazing. “

They will be playing around the UK and Ireland throughout the fall (with a date each in Paris and Hamburg), and like Iggy says, “If they come to your town, you might wanna show up.”




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