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Emily Hackett

There’s a new Country girl on the scene, and her name is Emily Hackett. After the singer/songwriter arrived in Nashville, she began to make a name for herself, collaborating with Will Anderson on the track “Take My Hand “(The Wedding Song)” in 2014. A year later, The Raw EP followed. Featuring six of Hackett’s own compositions, it was praised by the Boot for “Hackett's raw lyricism with sparse melodies, revealing a performer who can create layered and dynamic music with the most stripped-down style.”

Her journey to Nashville wasn’t straight-forward. Growing in Atlanta with a rock critic father who fed her a steady diet of classic rock, but once she discovered country in high school she was hooked. Now she’s forging her own path, incorporating elements of different genres into her own sound.

Her latest recording is By the Sun. The opening track “Nostalgia” was initially released as a single in 2017, co-written with her husband Mikey Reaves and songwriter Steph Jones. Rolling Stone recently included her on its list of 10 New Country Artists You Need to Know and Billboard is starting to talk about her too. Don’t be too surprised if you hear a lot more about Emily Hackett soon.

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