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He may be only 19 years old but singer-songwriter, Ekkstacy from Vancouver, Canada knows what he wants. In listening to some of his songs he wears his heart on his sleeve. He makes the type of music that has you in your feelings. He started making music at the tender age of 14 but sort of quit because he felt he didn't have enough substance.

He started writing again as a way to deal with several personal traumas that were going on. He says it was therapy for him and it helped him cope with his personal problems. Listen to his song, I Walk This Earth All by Myself, and the line in the song, what do I say when there's nobody listening? How many of us can relate to that line especially in today's climate. His music is a mix of new wave, post-punk, and lo-fi. Ekkstacy says he got into rock while watching skateboarding videos and also checks out artists on SoundCloud. He says his generation does not really label music in any one specific genre and he doesn't really like labels to begin with. His earlier songs were much darker but as he got older his view on life has changed. Check out his latest song, Then I Met Her which reminds me of Echo and the Bunnymen or even New Order with that distinct guitar sound. Ekkstacy just released his debut album, Negative a few days ago and it's already getting traction and he will be on tour in Europe next month. Keep your eyes open for a show in your town. Check out this talented singer-songwriter and support independent music and musicians worldwide. Happy listening!

Then I Met Her



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