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DPR Live

South Korean singer/hip-hop artist Hong Da-bin goes by his stage name DPR Live. DPR is an abbreviation of Dream Perfect Regime, a self-described video and music group dedicated to promoting other artists. Its mission statement asserts “we create, direct, produce, and edit all types of visual work as well as curate artists that derive from various musical backgrounds and influences. based in seoul, our collective’s main focus is to engage all audiences by actualizing a distinctive audiovisual experience .”

Da-bin first began writing songs while in the Koran army when he had free time. DPR Live has released several singles and two EPs, Coming to You Live and Her, both in 2017. After some initial successes, the collective received funding to create its own studio. DPR is even better-positioned to make a larger impact on the South Korean music scene.

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