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Dirty Honey

I keep reading and hearing that rock is dead or on its way out, but not when you hear this Indie rock band. Dirty Honey out of Los Angeles, California released their self-titled EP in 2019 and has been going strong ever since. The band got together in 2017 and their music reflects some of their musical heroes like Led Zepplin and Aerosmith to name a few.

The band derived their name from hearing rock legend, Robert Plant talk about the Honeydrippers as something dirty. The band decided the name Dirty Honey would be a cool rock and roll name. The members of the band are Mark Labelle (vocals) John Notto ( guitar), Justin Smolian(bass guitar), Corey Coverstone (drums). The band released their debut in 2019 and the single, When I'm Gone went on to top the Billboard Mainstream Rock chart. They are the first unsigned band to do so and how exciting is that for rock and roll. They have toured with Guns and Roses guitarist, Slash and were set to tour last year but like so many musicians during the pandemic, everything was put on hold. They did get to write new songs and record another self-titled album which was released last month with 10 new songs. Dirty Honey is good old fashion classic rock at its best and a band that is completely independent. They can rock you with some heavy rock numbers or have you fall in love again with their ballads. They are set to tour starting in June on their California Dreamin tour, be sure to check them out live, you'll be happy you did! Support independent music and musicians. Happy listening!

California Dreamin



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