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Dead Vibrations

Sweden’s Dead Vibrations create moody, psychedelic rock with melodic yet fuzzy guitars and dreamy vocals. Christian Jansson (guitar/vocals), Olov Sjogren (guitar), Elmer Hallsby (bass) and Ahlqvist Lyzwiski (drums) teamed up in Stockholm in 2015.

Touring throughout Europe has helped to hone the group’s sound, and resulted in several releases, including 2016’s 4 track EP Reflections. Releasing two more singles in 2017, the band issued its eponymous debut in 2018 on London’s Fuzz Club Records.

The group’s latest single is “Underwater,” which New Noise hails as “A blast of crushing, fuzz-drenched guitars and echoing vocals that are backed by a taut, primal rhythm

section...brooding shoegaze at its finest.”




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