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Dawson Fuss

This Santa Barbara native caught my attention with his song, Right Place, Wrong Time last year. Meet Indie pop singer-songwriter, Dawson Fuss. He started singing or rather humming to songs from a very young age and when he got older sought opportunities to sing wherever he could. He joined local theater productions and sang in the choir in high school.

Dawson Fuss says "music is very much a part of him and everyone has their inner soundtrack of their lives."He has caught the attention of Randy Jackson formerly of American Idol fame and said he was destined for greatness. What a great stamp of approval from a music industry veteran. He has been compared to British singer Harry Styles but I beg to differ. Dawson Fuss is a very talented singer-songwriter and his song, Right Person, Wrong Time blew me away. His music is a mix of pop hooks with electronic grooves and great lyrics. He says he has been living across from the beach and there is nothing more calming to the soul than being by the ocean. There is always romance to be found walking along the shore but Dawson Fuss thought those scenes were true until he grew up and realized love is quite different than the movies. It's this realization about love and relationships that he writes about in his songs. He made his debut last year with the album, Edge of Adolescence and released the single, Hey You. He just released his new single, Nothing Really Changes earlier this month and it's already getting acclaim on the indie music circuit. Check out this talented singer-songwriter and support independent music and musicians. Happy listening!

Nothing Really Changes



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