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Davila 666

Garage Rock was born in the wake of the British Invasion, when kids were inspired to start a band even if they didn’t really know how to play their instruments. Using simple chord structures, and loud, punchy guitars, bands from all over North America were creating a new sub-genre.

Garage rock is alive and well, and Puerto Rican practitioners Davila 666 have returned after a five year hiatus with Tan Bajo. Taking their cue from the Ramones, most of the members of the group have adoped Davila as a surname, including Carlito (vocals and bass), AJ (vocals, bass, and piano) GiGi (guitar) and Paula (tambourine and maracas). The Latin Snake (drums) is the lone holdout.

The group released its eponymous debut in 2008, followed by singles and EPs until they decided to take a little break. Now the band that describes itself as “Menudo on drugs” has just wrapped up a US tour and probably working out some fun, new songs to record.

Huesos Viejos



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