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Combo Chimbita

Members of the quartet Combo Chimbita share a common Colombian ancestry.  Growing up as first-generation New Yorkers, they were exposed to a wide range of musical styles, like the Afro-futuristic sounds of Sun Ra, along with rock, punk, soul, and psychedelia.  By absorbing these myriad influences and incorporating traditions from their ancestral home, the group forged its own sound. 

Singer Carolina Oliveros is powerhouse frontwoman while guitarist Nino lento, bassist Prince of Queens and drummer Dilemastronauta also help out with vocals.

The group released its first EP, El Corredor del Jaguar, in 2016, followed by Abya Yala a year later.  This year the group has released the full-length, Ahomale, a record which All Music has lauded as “a mind-bending trip through unexplored worlds, where both danger and discovery lurk.”

Combo Chimbita is touring throughout the US and Canada this summer in support of Ahomale.

Esto Es Real



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