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Erik Iglesias Rodríguez is better known as Cimafunk, the Cuban sensation that is energizing fans both in his homeland and here in the States. His name was inspired by Cimarrones, Panamanian slaves who fled bondage on plantations and went on to form their own settlements. As a singer, composer, and producer, Cimafunk has taken his love of American funk and soul music and his native Afro Cuban traditions to create a very personal version of Afro Cuban soul.

His debut album, Terapia, was released in 2017. He released two singles this year, “Ponte Pa' Lo Tuyo” and “Estás Pa' Mi.” His powerful and energetic sound is creating a blossoming fan base along with critical praise. Billboard has named him one of its “Top 10 Latin Artists to Watch in 2019.” With fans lining up to see him perform and the attention of the industry, it’s safe to say you’ll be hearing more about Cimafunk.

Ponte Pa' Lo Tuyo



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