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Calm Baretta

I was really excited when I heard this band's song The Rain. It was refreshing and the kind of rock music you can either dance to or groove to its lyrics. Calm Baretta out of Prince Edward's Island in Canada started out just friends hanging out and started jamming together. The band members, Josh Carter(vocals), Nigel Hann(bass guitar), Laura Oakie(keyboards)and, Matt Bridges(drums), started playing around town to get a feel for their audience. The band describes their music as a "fun almost 80's throwback Pop band." This is what I love about them, who doesn't remember 80's pop music. This band has great harmonies and cool keyboard sounds. Although the band has been labeled an Indie alternative rock band, it sounds like so much more. They first started as a folk duo and then evolved into the band they are now. They chose their band name to represent both the calm in songs that can be subdued or have great energy and well a Barretta is a pistol. Their songs combine both electronica, folk, and at times experimental music. It's a great combination along with thought-provoking lyrics. In 2018 a year after getting together the band was nominated for song of the year at the Music PEI Awards and has been gaining a big following. They have been putting out singles since 2018 and just released their EP, The Rain which features 2 other remixes. Check out this talented rock, pop band, and support independent music and musicians worldwide. Happy listening!

The Rain



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