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Caleb Kunle

Nigerian-born and living in Ireland singer-songwriter, Caleb Kunle has been performing on the Irish music scene for quite some time. His mix of psychedelics with soul is smooth and you just want to hear more. Caleb Kunle who moved to Laois, Ireland as a young child is still getting used to his adopted country moving from Laos and its hustle and bustle to Ireland is a great change.

He has been an artist to watch since 2020 and his music is a fusion of not only soul but jazz and some folk music mixed with psychedelia. He not only writes his own music but is also producing it as well. He says his influences are Nina Simone, The Beatles, and Michael Kiwanuka. This singer's life experiences are evident in his lyrics and his voice conveys those emotions oh so heavenly. Caleb Kunle returned to his country of birth for a bit then moved to NY, Paris, Berlin, and settled long enough in London to win NME's Best Emerging Artist in 2017. He released his debut EP, Eden in 2017. Listen to the track, Life Online with its acapella intro and then explodes with an

awesome dance beat you can't help but get up and move. Earlier this month he released his new single, All in Your Head with its funk flavored soul and great vocals. Keep your eyes on this artist because he will be exploding into the stratosphere real soon. Check out this soulful singer-songwriter, and producer, and support independent music and musicians worldwide. Happy listening!

All in Your Head



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