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Bonnie Banane

Music from around the world has been changing over the past several years. I'm loving how artists are mixing music genres and creating new sounds and interesting combinations. France has been releasing some great music from such artists as Lous and The Yakuza and others. Singer-songwriter, Bonnie Banane aka Anais Thomas has been an actress in her country and decided to try her hand at singing, by her own account, she is not musically trained but did attend The National Conservatory of Dramatic Arts in Paris. She is one of the artists leading the French Z generation and along with her producer Walter Mecca has been releasing some hypnotic sounds that make you move.

Her music is a mix of R&B, hip-hop and electronic beats to create a hybrid that is both danceable and sensual. I will admit in some pictures she looks like a young Madonna and her music is as danceable as the icon. Bonnie has said she grew up being influenced by our American music, culture, movies and it's how she learned English. She has been making music since 2013 with her debut EP, Hits, and has been building her audience one show and record at a time. She has been compared to Aaliyah and Andre Rieu but she is not your typical R&B singer. Her songs include both political observations with satire and her spoken singing at times can be slightly off-key. When she goes to lower vocal registers it really makes you pay attention. Her conceptual visuals are both dramatic and a bit off-kilter but interesting to watch. Some of her songs were featured on the TV show Zero soundtrack and on a Chipotle playlist. Her latest album, Sexy Planet was released last year and like all other artists whose touring schedules were canceled, she can't wait to play live again. Her tour begins this November and we hope she comes to the States for some shows. Check out this super talented singer-songwriter, actress, and support independent music and musicians worldwide. Happy listening!

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