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Big Thief

Nothing makes me happier than discovering indie bands that are either based in my hometown of Brooklyn, NY, or born and raised here. One such discovery is Indie Folk/Rock band, Big Thief. All four members went to the Berklee College of Music before becoming a band. Lead singer, Adrianne Lenker's first music teacher was her dad and he encouraged her to pursue her music career. At first, she didn't attend high school because the music was a full-time job but later she wanted to be around people her own age and applied to Berklee. Guitarist Alexander Buck Meek also started playing music at a young age and his mother was his first guitar teacher. He grew up in Texas in the city of Wimberley which is just 45 minutes from Austin. He was later mentored by jazz guitarists, Slim Richey, Django Porter, and blues guitarist, Brandon Gist. These two members of the band had met each other at some gigs but it wasn't until Adrianne Lendker had moved to Brooklyn, NY that she saw Buck Meek again. They started playing songs together and found they had chemistry. They started playing gigs in some of the most unlikely places like a schoolhouse, backyard barbeques, and other places. They just wanted to play and it didn't matter where it was. They played for almost 2 years this way and decided that their songs needed more musicians to accommodate their arrangements and started auditioning. The band became Big Thief and their mix of folk-inspired rock music has gained them quite a following. They have released their new album, Two Hands in October of last year, and just released this new single, Love In Mine this past April. Check out this amazing band and support independent music. Happy listening!

Love In Mine



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