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Big Joanie

Big Joanie is an all-female, punk rock trio from London. Guitarist and vocalist Stephanie Williams was once in the band, My Therapist Says Hot Damn. When she was ready to form her own group, she sought like-minded woman to join her mission of creating a black feminist punk band. Bassist Kiera Coward-Deyell drummer Chardine Taylor-Stone answered the call, and Big Joanie was born.

The threesome released the EP, Sistah Punk, in 2014, ultimately forming a label by the same name and releasing another EP two years later called Crooked Room.

Coward-Deyel eventually left the group and was replaced by Estella Adeyer. Making waves on the London music scene, Big Joanie was praised by the likes of Iggy Pop and Kathleen Hanna. Thurston Moore also took notice and signed the group to his Daydream Library Series label. The trio released Sistahs in 2018, earning praise from Rolling Stone (“bold, catchy and arresting”), Pitchfork (“simmering with possibility and pure conviction”), and the Guardian (“fearlessly discordant”).

Fall Asleep



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