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Barton Stanley David

There is nothing like listening to a great song and great lyrics. Texas-born and bred singer-songwriter Barton Stanley David grew up on '60s folk music, 70's rock along with Motown. These influences have shaped his music which is a blend of country, folk with alternative rock. He has played the club circuits in Dallas and Austin and then moved here to New York City. In 2009 he released his album, Blue for East Broadway, and started getting some attention. He's been playing here at New York venues as well as around the country for the last ten years.

He had hooked up with well-known indie producer, John Agnello who has produced Sonic Youth and Dinosaur Jr for that debut album. Since then he released a remake of the Cars song, Drive which I admit is a great remake. After living here in NYC for the past decade he decided to move back home to Texas. Once there he hooked up with producer, Jeff Saenz but had to wait due to a terrible accident the producer had in which he lost both arms. Perseverance paid off when Jeff Saenz came back to his studio with prosthetic arms to finish the production for Barton Stanley David's new album. The music being released is about overcoming adversity and coming back to your roots. He just released his first single off the forthcoming album, Crest. The album will be released on April 22 and a tour will follow. Check out this talented singer-songwriter/guitarist and support independent music and musicians. Happy listening!




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