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Jersey-born, California-raised Arielle is a country-rock singer, songwriter and guitarist. A more fitting description may be rock-country, since her bluesy guitar work dominates her music. As a young child, she sang with a girls choir and tried out the piano and trumpet before finally concentrating on guitar as she received on as a gift at age 10.

She continued her musical studies and advanced on her chosen instrument, eventually coming to the the attention of CeeLo Green, with whom she performed at Coachella in 2011 and later toured with him.

Eventually she released her own music, including EPs and full-length recordings. Her latest is the EP Mind Lion, where she slings her axe known as Two Tone (a guitar she built with a buddy) and accompanied by Adam Peri on keyboards and bass and drummer Asher Fedi. She continues to rock out on Two Tone while keeping her country and blues bonafides intact.

Voices in My Head


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