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Aldous Harding

Aldous Harding, nee Hannah, is a singer who hails from New Zealand. Her mother is the well-known folk singer Lorina Harding, so her musical roots go back to childhood. Discovered by Anika Moa when she was performing as a street musician, Harding has developed into an artist with a unique sound and identity.

Though she eschews labels, her work has been called Gothic Folk and has been hailed as “fetching surrealism” by Rolling Stone. In addition to collaborations with artists like John Parish, Fenna Lily, Marlon Williams, and others, she has released three albums of her own, including her eponymous 2015 debut, 2017’s Party, and Designer, released earlier this year on 4AD. Pitchfork mused that “its allure is undeniable.”

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