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Abbey Smith is Yebba


Arkansas native Abbey Smith is a singer who has a powerful, deeply soulful and personal approach to music. She has been candid about the effects of her mother’s suicide, after which she adopted the nickname her mother gave her, her first name spelled backward.

Yebba has been performing for years, both live and in several videos where she recorded covers with other artists, including recorded covers and originals with artists like CAMM, Luke Levenson and Clark Beckman. Her original song, “My Mind” is so heart-wrenching, many of her audiences end up in tears.

She first entered the national spotlight as a backup singer for Chance the Rapper during his “Saturday Night Live” performance in 2016 and has been steadily attracting the attention of fans and industry luminaries alike. Ed Sheeran was so impressed with her, he co-signed her and added her as his opening act on tour. Sam Smith is another fan, performing a duet with Yebba on his song “No Peace.”

She debuted her song “Evergreen” in 2017 on an array of music streaming services and dedicated it to her late mother. Her ability to connect on such a deep level is what will continue to propel her to stardom. We are looking forward to her debut album and hope it comes soon.




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