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If you want to get the party started then singer-songwriter, Esty would make it happen. Born in NYC and raised in Providence, Rhode Island of Dominican roots has both R&B soulful songs as well as Latin rhythms woven into her songs and mixes. Upon hearing her latest single, 7heaven I just couldn't stop dancing. Her feel-good songs and videos of her and her friends on roller skates have you recollecting the dance era of the '80s when there were roller discos.

Esty Leone grew up with music in her household. She didn't come to embrace her Dominican roots till a few years ago when she started incorporating more Spanish into her lyrics and songwriting. She released her first single in 2013 with the song, Pools Full of Women and since then she has embraced her Latin roots and released her single in 2019 titled, Mantequilla. Last year she released her album, Transform to critical acclaim. Discovered by singer, rapper, Tyga she has caught the attention of many. She is based in Los Angeles, California and last month People En Espanol did a feature on her. She describes her music as Alternative Latin Pop and her future looks bright. Some people have compared her to Sade and Lana Del Rey because of her smooth vocals. She released her latest single, 7heaven a few days ago and has been influencing people to pick up their roller skates and knee pads to skate to the music. Check out this talented singer-songwriter, producer, and support independent music and musicians worldwide. Happy listening!




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