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There is nothing like a feel-good song to get your day going. Singer-songwriter Ua(real name Kaori Hasegawa) from Japan makes the type of music that makes you feel good.

She studied art at the University of Sage and became a lounge singer. Her music is a mix of pop, jazz, electronica, and even reggae. She likes to venture into different music genres and is also an actress in her country. She chose her stage name Ua which in Swahili means both flower and kill. She made her debut in 1995 with the single, Horizon and since then has released several albums to critical acclaim.

She was discovered at her workplace by producer, Hiroshi Fujiwara. It was her second single, Jōnetsu that got her recognized and became a hit. She took a break from her solo career at one point to form her band Ajico with her musical partner, Kenichi Asai. She released several more albums and in 2006 decided to record a jazz album titled Cure Jazz. She is not afraid to try different styles of music and loves being versatile. She is not your typical JPop singer and her voice has a much wider range. I admit I'm partial to deeper voices and this singer's voice may be unorthodox but it definitely grabs you and you need to hear more. She just released her latest EP, Are You Romantic and I've already fallen in love with the song, Binetsu. She sings both in Japanese and in English. She released her latest single, Ocha in June and its video is widely entertaining. Check out this super-talented singer-songwriter and support independent music and musicians worldwide. Happy listening!




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