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Yelfris Valdes

Yelfris Valdes
Yelfris Valdes

Trumpeter Yelfris Valdes hails from Cuba, but in 2014 he emigrated to London and quickly ensconced himself in the UK jazz scene.

His musical studies began at the age of 8, with an emphasis on classical music. He began performing at 16, eventually touring with legendary Cuban acts like vocalist Omara Portuondo, Buena Vista Social Club, Barbarito Torres and more. At 20, he joined Sierra Maestra, masters of the traditional Cuban form, son.

Once in London, he began playing with some of the hottest new artists in the jazz community, including featured artists like Dayme Arocena and Moses Boyd, as well as the advocacy of new artist promoter Giles Peterson, recording with several artists on Peterson’s Brownswood label. In early 2018 he released his debut EP, The World Of Eshu Dina, honoring the Yoruba Orisha influence that is deeply embedded in the Afro-Cuban culture.

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