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Since the days of Bob Marley reggae and dancehall have been popular and have even evolved into Reggaeton by Latin artists. Yaadcore is now at the center of Jamaica's Reggae revival. Growing up he watched his father work a sound system and wanted to do the same. He learned how to mix music and his career began.

Rory Cha professionally known as Yaddcore is recognized as the DJ for reggae artist, Protoje and is also the founder of the movement Dubwise, which“reintroduces authentic roots dub reggae music in spaces accessible to a mainstream audience." This event began as an every-Wednesday event in Kingston, Jamaica, and has now grown into an international brand. He decided not to follow others and play the party music instead he wanted to play more conscious reggae. Unfortunately in Jamaica, not many radio stations play conscious reggae. The powers that be don't want it to influence certain people but you can't stop the good vibes of this type of reggae. He has transitioned very easily from DJ to an artist and I believe he is ready for his Spotlight. He made his debut in 2018 with the single, No Fenke Fenke featuring Shanique Marie and Kabaka Pyramid. Since then he now has his own record label, 12 Yadd Records, and is doing what he wanted which was more production and mixing. He just released his new single, Say That You Love Me, and has also released his new album, Reggaeland. Check out this super-talented singer-songwriter/producer and support independent music and musicians worldwide. Happy listening!

Say That You Love Me



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