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Indie rock group Vanguart blends folk and pop with Brazilian sensibilities. The group’s hometown of Cuiabá in Central-Western Brazil may not be an acclaimed center for music like Rio or Bahia, but Vanguart has the potential to change that.

Founded by multi-instrumentalist Hélio Flanders, the group came together in 2002 with the addition of Reginaldo Lincoln on vocals,, bass, and, mandolin; David Dafré on vocals, guitar, lap steel, and clarinet; Fernanda Kostchak on violin and glockenspiel; Julio Nganga on piano/keyboards and bass; and drummer/percussionist Marcelo Effori. Flanders himself contributes vocals, guitar, harmonica, trumpet , mandolin, guitar, and Rhodes. It’s quite a line-up for a rock band, but Brazilian rarely mimic what others might do when it comes to music.

Re-recording tracks Flanders had written before before an extended stay in Bolivia, released The in 2002. Several singles, EPs and albums followed. The latest is Beijo Estranho.




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