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London’s Triforce is a quartet of young musicians who are quickly making a name for themselves in the supercharged UK jazz scene. Many are trying to pin a label on the group, but no one category fits with Triforce’s mixture of jazz, funk, soul, and hip-hop.

Comprised of guitarist Mansur Brown, keyboardist Dominc Canning and a rhythm section of Ricco Komolafe on bass and drummer Benjamin Appiah, all following a guiding principle of “Creativity, innovation and empowerment.” The band released its debut EP, Triforce 5ive, in 2016. The single “One More Time” and the Woodshed EP (Woodshed Mix) followed in 2018.

Touring through the UK this summer, the band has been earning new fans and recognition along the way. Hopefully, they’ll be heading into the studio soon to record a full-length album with more of their genre-busting jazz.

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