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The Jungle Giants

The members of indie rock group The Jungle Giants met while in high school in Brisbane, Australia. Guitarist/vocalist Sam Hales, lead guitarist Cesira Aitken, bassist Andrew Dooris,and drummer/trombonist Keelan Bijker first performed together in 2011 and later that year released an eponymous EP. A second EP followed in 2012 entitled, She’s a Riot, before the band went on to record full-length records, Learn to Exist (2013) and Speakerzoid (2015). They have toured throughout Australia, the US, and Canada as well as Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, and Singapore.

When it came time to gear up for the next album, Hales found himself suffering from writer’s block. A revelation came to him while in the pool, of all places, and he methodically began working through his gridlock. When he came back to the band with songs, they recorded and produced their third album, Quiet Ferocity, released in 2018. The band has had great success on Spotify with over 50 million streams, and continues to pack in crowds across Australia, including performances at the music festival, Grooving the Moo.

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