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The Fernweh

This folk-rock band got together with like-minded musicians that had a love for British folk music. The band from Liverpool, England consists of singer Candi Payne, guitarist Jamie Backhouse, keyboardist Austin Murphy, bassist Ned Crowther, and drummer Phil Murphy. The band members had all been sidemen for years with other bands and had learned some tricks along the way when recording.

They made their debut in 2018 with their self-titled album and you have to check out the sound which is amazing sonically. The band followed it up with several singles including a remake of The Who's Sunrise. They released their second album, New Brighton Sigh. They started touring around the U.K and even played a night at the Royal Albert Hall. They were signed to the indie record label, Skeleton Key which released their first 2 records and several singles and is now signed to Winterlude Records. Their sound has changed since the first release and has experimented with a more modern 80's synth sound as well as psychedelic rock. They just released their latest album, Torschlusspanik and it's already gaining new fans. The band will most likely tour and can't wait for them to come to the U.S. Check out this talented band and support independent music and musicians worldwide. Happy listening!

Pas Devant Les Enfants



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