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Summers Sons

Brothers Turt and Slim Summers are the core of South London’s jazz/hip-hop group Summers Sons. Slim handles the production of sonic textures to accompany Turt’s personal and reflective rapping, much of it inspired by the sudden death of their stepfather in 2017.

The duo signed to Melting Pot Music in 2017 and subsequently released an EP entitled Undertones in 2018. A collaboration with friend C.Tappin, a pianist and singer also from South London yielded the group’s full-length debut, Uhuru.

Returning to the studio, the brothers sought out other collaborators, such as singer Zaya, for the track “Bittersweet” on the group’s second album, The Rain, released in 2019. C Tappin’ also made an appearance on the appropriately titled song, “The Sequel.”




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