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Stephen Martin

Jazz saxophonist, Stephen Martin like many musicians started playing his instrument by the age of 10. Born in Champaign, IL, and raised in St. Louis, Missouri music was all around him. He absorbed that deep rich history of jazz and it reflects in his compositions. His music is earthy and full of passion. He studied under the tutelage of the legendary Bobby Watson and world-renowned classical saxophonist, Tim Timmons.

In 2018 he made his debut with the album, Vision and he quickly caught the attention of many in the jazz world. His debut quickly charted and was amongst the Top 40 on Itunes Jazz charts. Listen to the title track, Vision with its swing and soulful groove. The whole album is just a jazz lovers joy. He says his musical influence was the great John Coltrane and on certain songs, you can definitely hear it. This past January he just released his sophomore album, High Plains and as leader of his quartet this album is dreamy, silky and so fun to listen to. Check out the title track, High Plains with the sexy sax sounds and vibraphone solo. Stephen Martin is also on the faculty at The Conservatory of Music and Dance at the University of Missouri. Support independent music and musicians and be sure to check out this album, you won't be sorry. Happy listening!




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