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Sharon Van Etten

With a career bridging both music and TV, New Jersey native Sharon Van Etten ventured to Tennessee for a while to study recording in college. She returned to her home territory where she began releasing self-produced recordings until she signed with Language of Stone to issue her official debut, Because I Was in Love in 2009. The record received good notices, with Pitchfork opining, “these are full-bodied songs that sound finished, as though Van Etten had already lived with this material long enough to know intuitively how best to present it.”

Releasing a slew of albums, EPs and singles along the way, Van Etten veered into acting, appearing on the Netflix drama OA, Showtime’s Twin Peaks reboot. Her latest record, Remind Me Tomorrow, is also a reboot of sorts, moving into the realm of electronica, which Rolling Stone calls, “Pop Songs From the Edge.”




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