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Shame is a five-piece post-punk band from South London. The group naturally exudes an attitude one would expect from the name, and the music is also infused with an atonal guitar sound (heavily influenced by the Fall) and the requisite amount of sarcasm necessary for a proper English punk outfit.

Shame is comprised of vocalist Charlie Steen, guitarists Eddie Green, and Sean Coyle-Smith, Josh Finerty on bass, and drummer Charlie Forbes, yet another instance of school-fellows getting together to carve out a place for themselves with music.

The band set a tone with its first recording, EP Gone Fisting in 2014, and hasn’t mellowed with age. Releasing its full-length debut in 2018, they opted for the title Songs of Praise, a name lifted from the weekly BBC One show of hymns and religious songs which has been airing since 1961. Shame’s take of Songs of Praise is obviously quite different, with Pitchfork noting “Steen is a playful vocalist. He spits in fits on ‘Lampoon’ and ‘Tasteless,’ he screams and pants nonsense on ‘Donk,’ he narrates like a bored pervert on the standout ‘The Lick’...” Inspirational to some and blasphemous to others, Shame embodies a pure punk disposition.




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