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Seba Kaapstad

Seba Kaapstad's musical lineage comprises two continents and cultures. Composer and bassist Sebastuab Schuster left his native Germany in 2013 to study music at the South African Music College of University of Cape Town in South Africa. There he met Zoe Modiga and Ndumiso Manana and discovered they shared a passion for jazz. Jamming together, their sound began to incorporate other sounds and influences as well, including soul and electronica. Three years later, the trio journey to Berlin, and adding producer and percussionist Philip Schneibel, recorded their debut album, Tagore.

The group has continued to develop its unique mix of European and African traditions, touring extensively and heading to the recording studio once again to create, Thina, released in 2019. Pop Matters called the result “luminous,” adding “Seba Kaapstad have created a deep musical statement in Thina, in which music, lyrics, and performance interact in a way that will wash over you and leave you feeling musically and emotionally refreshed if you let it.”




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