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This indie singer-songwriter, composer has been making the rounds throughout Europe and has an interesting combination of sounds. Her name is Rebekka Salomea and her band is her namesake, Salomea from Cologne, Germany. Rebekka Salomea was born in the town of Herbolzheim, Germany, and has been based in Cologne. She does not like to categorize her music and basically labels herself as a "contemporary multi-genre melting pot." The band made their debut in 2018 with their self-titled EP, Salomea. Since then the band has played several festivals like the Jazzablanca Festival, Avignon Jazz Festival, and more.

Salomea's music can best be described as urban avant-garde. Mixing electronica with jazz improvisation, modern music, trip-hop. All combined to a distinct sound that defines music as art, voice, and love. During this pandemic, the band has been busy writing and recording and has put out 2 new albums. One was released last September called, Bathing In Flowers and last week released their latest, Boss Time. Check out this eclectic multi-genre urban avant-garde band and support independent music and musicians worldwide. Happy listening!




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