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Her music is so heavenly to listen to. Meet Síomha from West Ireland a voice and singer-songwriter you just have to check out. Never far from her Irish roots, she describes her music as "cosmic, jazz-tinged, folk-rooted post-pop." She has been gaining the attention of many in the jazz world. Her music influences run the gamut from Joni Mitchell to Australian alternative soul band, Hiatus Kayote, and Irish singer, Wallis Bird.

She started playing guitar by the age of ten and grew up in a family where music was center-stage. Later in her teens, she became interested in jazz guitar and learned the manouche gypsy jazz style from a gypsy she met while studying in France. After that, she was in love with jazz music. As a musician, she soaked up all the music styles she encountered in her travels. When she came to the U.S. she made sure she visited all the music hot spots like New Orleans, Austin, Memphis, and Nashville all the while absorbing all the music. She credits her father with opening up her mind to other music genres. Her dad was a traditional Irish musician but he loved listening to jazz, gospel, and blues. Her favorite singers are Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughn, and loves the music of Irving Berlin and Cole Porter. In 2016 she returned to Ireland and got a band together and started playing around town honing her craft. The recordings were effortless since her band members are old friends. She says when you are making music with friends there is a special bond there in the recording studio and magic happens. Finally, after years of playing festivals and traveling the world, she has recorded her debut album, Infinite Space which will be released on April 22. We can't wait for her tour and hope she makes a stop here in NYC. Check out this beautiful voice and talent and support independent music and musicians worldwide. Happy listening!




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