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Roberto Occhipinti

Double bass impresario, Roberto Occhipinti from Canada is one of few rare musicians who have been successful in two music genres. He is well renowned in both jazz and classical music. He comes from a musical family that includes both his brother and cousin who also play with him. He has collaborated and played with a whos who in both jazz and classical music.

His career began in 2001 with the album, Trinacria an album that featured both Canadian and Cuban musicians. He won the Juno award that year (the equivalent of a Grammy) for the Best Global Album. Roberto Occhipinti's follow-up in 2003 with the album, Cusp featured music both composed by him and his arrangement of songs by Wayne Shorter, Jimi Hendrix, and Giacomo Puccini. He has not been afraid to take risks musically as he did with his album, Yemaya in 2006. Listen to the track, Maracatres with its beautiful orchestration and the 22-piece orchestra he got together for that album. Since then he has played with such artists as Terry Riley, Stevie Wonder, and Latin jazz artist Hilario Duran and Jane Bunnet. He has played with the best Canadian symphonies and orchestras. Last month he released his new album, Next Step which is more toned down but has his double bass front and center on several tracks. Check out this super-talented double bassist/producer and support independent music and musicians worldwide. Happy listening!

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