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Puma Blue

Jazz is an ever-evolving music genre and today more and more artists are mixing certain music genres that were unheard of before. All in all, there are now over 50 jazz styles, and more keep being added. This jazz multi-instrumentalist has added another style, lo-fi R&B jazz. He goes by the name Puma Blue real name Jacob Allen and he's been making his rounds in the London jazz scene.

"Music was always played around the house and in the car," says Puma Blue which first had him fall in love with music. He first started playing drums when he was 7 and by age 12 picked up the guitar and started writing songs. When he was deciding on a stage name he wanted something that sounded cool or mythical like the artists he admired; Muddy Waters, Lead Belly, Howlin Wolf. He felt Puma Blue resonated with him and the persona he says he had in his mind. Blue was always going to be part of his professional name because he felt his music reflects that. His musical influence is Jeff Buckley because his lyrics showed the vulnerability and darkness that he relates to. Puma Blue's music mixes jazz, rhythm, and blues, and hip-hop and his throaty style have caught the attention of many. His mixing of D'Angelo-type guitars and the smoothness of the songs help you to just sit back and chill. He has released 2 EPs and several singles and has sold out shows in London. LA and Japan. This past January he released his debut album, In Praise of Shadows and it's already gaining traction on all music streams. Check out this multi-talented singer-songwriter, producer, and support independent music and musicians worldwide. Happy listening!

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