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Princess Nokia

New York native Destiny Frasqueri, known to fans as Princess Nokia, doesn't play, as she herself admits. Outspoken and fearless, she is making waves with her music and defense against racism and bigotry (see the famous "soup throwing incident"). In other words, she is a true New Yorker.

Frasqueri is of Puerto Rican descent and identifies as bi-sexual. A strong advocate for women and minorities, her toughness has been hard won. Her mother died of AIDS when she was 10, and she ended up in the system with an abusive foster mother who beat her. At age 16, she'd had enough and left to live with her father.

First recording under the moniker Wavy Spice, she released "Destiny" in 2010. She went on to release more singles and mixtapes until her Rough Trade debut, 1992 Deluxe, released in 2017. Her latest mixtape, A Girl Cried Red, features more of her genre-blending work. Hip-hop, emo, lo-fi house and pretty much whatever she's in the mood to create is hers for the taking.




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